Triphider I-13

Organic approach to control garden pest and disease

Triphider I-13

Biological control against Sap-sucking insects


Triphider I-13 is specially formulated to protect plants from sap-sucking insect. It consists of several tropical plant extracts that strengthening plants’ immunity and stimulate plants to synthesis defensive biochemical that against pest infestation. Besides, Triphider I-13 also suppress voracious appetite of sap-sucking insects which prevents plants from further damage.

Bio Adjuvant                                                               –             96%

Manganese (Mn) water-soluble 2% w/w               –             2.2% w/v

pH                                                                                 –             4.5

Target pests:

  1. White flies
  2. Aphids
  3. Red spider mites
  4. Thrips
  5. Mealy bugs
  6. Scales

Recommended usage: 1.5–2ml/ 1L water. Spray directly to upper and lower leaf surfaces of vegetables, climbers, succulents, cacti, herbaceous plants, foliage ornamental plants and fruit trees as early prevention of sap-sucking insect infestation; or plants with light or moderate infestation.

Notice: Harmful if swallowed. Triphider I-13 should not be mixed with products containing copper, strong acid or emulsifier to avoid denaturation of key ingredients. Keep in cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.