Triphider I-13 [100 ml]


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Organic approach to control garden pest and disease

Triphider I-13

Biological control against Sap-sucking insects


Triphider I-13 is specially formulated to protect plants from sap-sucking insect. It consists of several tropical plant extracts that strengthening plants’ immunity and stimulate plants to synthesis defensive biochemical that against pest infestation. Besides, Triphider I-13 also suppress voracious appetite of sap-sucking insects which prevents plants from further damage.

Bio Adjuvant                                                               –             96%

Manganese (Mn) water-soluble 2% w/w               –             2.2% w/v

pH                                                                                 –             4.5

Target pests:

  1. White flies
  2. Aphids
  3. Red spider mites
  4. Thrips
  5. Mealy bugs
  6. Scales

Recommended usage: 1.5–2ml/ 1L water. Spray directly to upper and lower leaf surfaces of vegetables, climbers, succulents, cacti, herbaceous plants, foliage ornamental plants and fruit trees as early prevention of sap-sucking insect infestation; or plants with light or moderate infestation.

Notice: Harmful if swallowed. Triphider I-13 should not be mixed with products containing copper, strong acid or emulsifier to avoid denaturation of key ingredients. Keep in cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. It is also not compatible with chemical fungicides as they may break the natural active molecules of the product.


Example Aphids, treated with Triphider I-13 (brown colors means dead)

Example Thrips

Example White fly

Example Mites

Example Aphids

Example Mealy bugs

Example Scale