Bugsect I-14

Organic approach to control garden pests

Bugsect I-14 (1 L)
Biological approach againt Sap-sucking insects

Bugsects I-14 is based on botanical extract. It has great effect in controlling larva and egg hatching through contact.

Clove extract
Canola oil
Silicone polyoxyethylene
Polyoxyethylene glycol
Alkyl fatty acid polyoxyethylene ester

Dosage: 1-2ml/ 1L water

Target pests:

  1. Beetles
  2. White flies
  3. Thrips
  4. Mites
  5. Scale insects*
  6. Mealybug*

Need to mix with GE Bio Speed 99 Spreader 0.5ml/ 1L water

Recommended usage: 1-2ml/ 1L water. Spray directly to upper and lower leaf surfaces of vegetables, herbaceous plants, ornamental plants and fruit trees as early prevention of leaf-eating insects infestation; or plants with light or moderate infestation.