Lesodopra I-12 [100 ml]


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Organic approach to control garden pest and disease

Lesodopra I-12

Biological approach against Leaf-eating insects


Lesodopra I-12 is a natural pest control product specially formulated to protect plants from leaf-eating insects. It consists of several fermented plant extracts and organic silicon that form a natural defense layer after applied on plant surface. Leaf-eating insects that feed on leaves treated with Lesodopra I-12 will have a dramatic decrease in its digestive efficiency. This will stop them from feeding vigorously hence prevents further plant damage.

Bio Adjuvant                                                 –              95.0 %

Boron (B) 0.5% w/w                                    –             0.525% w/v

Iron (Fe) 1% w/w                                         –             1.05% w/v

Molybdenum (Mo) 0.5% w/w                   –             0.525% w/v

pH                                                                   –             4.5

Target pests:

  1. Cabbage white caterpillar
  2. Leaf miner larvae
  3. Leaf roller caterpillar
  4. Moth larvae

Recommended usage: 2ml/1L water. Spray directly to upper and lower leaf surfaces of vegetables, herbaceous plants, ornamental plants and fruit trees as early prevention of leaf-eating insects infestation; or plants with light or moderate infestation.

Notice: Harmful if swallowed. Lesodopra I-12 should not be mixed with products containing copper, strong acid or emulsifier as chemical reaction will occur causing the breaking down of organic substances. Keep in cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.



Example Cabbage worm

Example Leaf miner

Example leaf roller

Example Spodoptera larvae

Example Tuta absoluta

Example Beet army worm

Example Helicoverpa Armigera larvae

Example Caterpillar