GE Amino Calcium 1233 [1L]


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Amino Acids 7%
Calcium 12%
Nitrogen 11%
Magnesium 3%
Trace Elements Ok


  1. Contains high amino acid to roots absorption, spreading, and fast penetration thru plants tissues
  2. Contains high phenolic acid for better sticking and leaf absorption
  3. To act as kind elements to bosst growth and regulate safety to plants tissues cells
  4. Contains high nitrogen and micro like magnesium, calcium and boron which needed most by tropical plants and crops.
  5. High magnesium elements for robust growth on leaf, flowers and fruits
  6. High calcium minerals to enhance and strengthen the wall tissues for more elastic, resistance to diseases, rotting and cracking that enables good quality yield and prolong  storage
  7. High boron micro-nutrients enhance healthy budding, translocation of calcium, encourage healthy fruit set and tissues wall in overall plants
  8. Contains special agent to increase and activate the agrochemical or foliar application use in all kinds of weather condition
  9. It can be collectively mixed together with insecticide, fungicide and PGR application


  • 安全并有效地促进植物生长
  • 富含氨基酸,有效于增加必需元素的吸收和植物活性
  • 酚酸有助于营养元素在植物体内的输導、吸收和保留
  • 钙 – 可增强细胞壁,提高对病害的抵抗力,避免果实破裂的问题,提高果实的品质及保鲜期
  • 镁 – 能提高光合作用、生长率,磷的输導,促进叶片、花和果实的形成
  • 适合混合农药、杀菌剂和PGR一起使用
  • 含有可提高农药和叶面肥料功效的成分
Recommendation Dosage:
Crops Dosage 10 L water Interval
Leafy Vegetable:
Sawi, Chinese Kale, Amaranth, Cabbage, Kangkong, etc.
5-15 ml Spray when 2-4 leaf appear and repeat every 7-10 days interval.
Fruity Vegetable:
Chili, Cucumber, Beans, Brinjal, Tomato, etc.
10-20 ml Spray before flowering and repeat every 10-14 days interval.
Fruit Tree:
Durian, Mangosteen, Rambutan, Mango, Papaya, Lime, Start fruit, Dragon fruit, etc.
10-20 ml Spray before flowering until harvest and repeat every 14-21 days interval.
Rose, Chrysanthemun, Orchids, etc
5-15 ml Spray and repeat every 7-10 days interval.
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GE Amino Calcium 1233

Amino Asid 7%

Kalsium 12%

Nitrogen 11%

Magnesium 3%

Unsur surih √



  • Menggalak pertumbuhan yang selamat dan pantas untuk pelbagai tanaman
  • Diperkaya dengan asid amino yang meningkatkan penyerapan unsur dan mengaktifkan pertumbuhan tanaman
  • Asid fenolik – penting untuk penyebaran, penyerapan dan dapat memegang unsur dalam tumbuhan
  • Kalsium – meneguhkan dinding sel, meningkatkan rintangan terhadap serangan penyakit, mengelakkan masalah retak buah, meningkatkan kualiti hasil dan jangka masa penyimpanan
  • Magnesium – meningkatkan kadar fotosintesis, pertumbuhan dan translokasi fosforus, merangsang pembentukan daun, bunga dan buah
  • Sesuai dibancuh bersama racun serangga, racun kulat dan PGR
  • Mengandungi bahan yang meningkatkan keberkesanan racun perosak dan baja daun






微量元素 P



  • 安全并有效地促进植物生长
  • 富含氨基酸,增加必需元素的吸收和植物活性
  • 酚酸 – 有助于营养元素在植物体内的输導、吸收和保留
  • 钙 – 可增强细胞壁,提高对病害的抵抗力,避免果实破裂的问题,提高果实的品质及保鲜期
  • 镁 – 能提高光合作用、生长率,磷的输導,促进叶片、花和果实的形成
  • 适合混合农药、杀菌剂和PGR一起使用
  • 含有可提高农药和叶面肥料功效的成分



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