GE Fish Meal Green 333

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Fish Meal Extract 10%
Nitrogen N 6%
P205 3%
K20 3%


Fish Meal Green 333 contains Fish Extract 10%, Nitrogen N6%, P205-3%, high Humid Acid, Amino Acid, Gibberelic Acid, Metthionine, Folic Acid, B203, CU and Zn. It is special formulated by Taiwanese experts to suit all kinds of greenery plans in all climates condition for today’s advanced agriculture needs, it also made to boost all roots system to highest level for nutrients to uptake and longer duration of supply easily. It also control balance of nutrients for greener leaf, shinny leaf and fruits, reduce fiber of vegetative crops, more uniform growth, more uniform of fruit size, longer duration of transport, higher yield, quality crops, increase the tolerance of crops to stress, pest and diseases.

Application Method Rate Interval
Spraying 20 ml – 40 ml/ 18 L water 10-21 days interval.
Drip Irrigation Fruit Trees – 6-18 L/ Ha
Horticultural 6 L/ Ha
10-21 days interval


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