codafol K45

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100% imported from Spain

2 ml mixed in 1 liter water for foliar application
4 ml mixed in 1 liter water for soil drenched application

Guaranteed analysis % w/w % w/v
Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble 30.0 45.0


Codafol K45 is a liquid solution of high content in potassium that acts as potassium deficiency corrector in all kind of crops. It is specially formulated to apply by foliar applications, although it can be used also in fertigation.

Potassium improves the quality and the coloration of the treated crops. If codafol K45 is applied at the end of the crop cycle, it advances the maturation of fruit.

Codafol K45 is fully water soluble product and its application is recommended in: horticulture, fruit trees, citrus, ce-reals, etc., being applied in the moments of potassium maximum demands.

Application type Doses Application time
Foliar application 250-300 cc/ hl – application 2-3 application per crop cycle
Fertigation 10-20 l/ ha – per crop cycle 2-4 application per crop cycle
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