Amino Master 3999 [1L]


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Amino Master 3999 contains 37% of free amino acids. There are many amino acids, but only a group of them is absorbed and can be used by plants. Free amino acids are those ones that can be used by plants.

Amino acids is able to stimulate cell growth and acting as buffers maintaining favorable pH value within the plant cell as well as synthesizing other organic compounds. Amino acids in essential quantities is well known as a means have positive effects on plant growth, yield and quality of different crops. Amino acids are fundamental ingredients in the process of protein synthesis, formation of plant tissue and chlorophyll synthesis. In addition, amino acids are precursors or activators of phytohormones and growth substance. The biosynthesis of cinamic acids are derived from phenylalanine and tyrosine. Tyrosine is hydroxyl L phenyl amino acid that is used to build neurotransmitters and hormones.

The water soluble free amino acid assists in absorption and translocation of essential plant nutrients like NPK and trace elements. It also increases metabolic activities of crops to produce more hormones and enzymes that promote nutrients needed by plants. This free amino acids will also stimulate activities of micro-organisms in the soil which ultimately reduces soil fungus diseases.


  1. Increase crop stress resistances
  2. Promote nutrients availability and uptake
  3. Increase crop metabolic activities
  4. Stimulate micro-organisms activities in the soil


  • Faster growth
  • Higher yield
  • Better quality of crops

Active Contents:

Nitrogen 9.0%
Organic Nitrogen 6.0%
Free Amino Acid 37.0%
Organic Matter 50.0%
Organic Carbon 25.0%
Total Amino Acid 42.0%


Our Amino Master 3999 contains of the following amino acids:

Amino acids Functions
Hyp, Pro Anti-stress agent
Cys, Glu, Gly, His, Lys Chelating agent
Ala, Arg Cold/hot weather resistance
Hyp, Pro Generative development of plants and improvement of the plant pollen fertility
Glu Growth stimulator


Ser, Trp, Val Precursor of auxin
Gly Precursor of chlorophyll
Arg Precursor of polyamines: necessary to start the cell division
Phe Precursor to the formation of lignin and woody tissues
Hyp, Pro, Ser Regulation of water balance
Glu Reserve of organic nitrogen necessary for the synthesis of other amino acids and proteins
Ala, Lys, Ser Stimulation of chlorophyll synthesis
Met Stimulation of ethylene synthesis
Asp, Glu, Lys, Met, Phe, Thr Stimulation of germination
Ala Stimulation of hormone metabolism
Ala Stimulation of resistance mechanism to viruses
Ile Stimulation of root development
Leu Stimulation of muscle protein synthesis
Asn Major transport compound in both xylem and phloem



Crops Rate: ml per L water Rate: L per Ha Spray Timing & Intervals
Leafy  vegetables – 1.5-2.0 (Foliar) 0.75-1.0 (Foliar) Spray before and after
transplanting. Every 7 days.
Cai xin, cabbage, Kangkong 4.0 (Drench) 2ml/ m2 (Drench) Soil drench after
Fruity vegetables – 1.5-2.0 (Foliar) 0.75-1.0 (Foliar) Spray before and after
Chilli, tomato, beans, 4.0 (Drench) 2ml/m2 transplanting.
melons, cucumber Spray at flowering, fruit set and ripening. Every 7 days
Fruits – durian, mango. Citrus, banana 1.5-2.0 (Foliar) 0.75-1.0 (Foliar) Spray at flowering, fruit
set and repening
4.0 (Drench) 2ml/ m2 (Drench) Soil drench at fertilizer
Rice 1.5-2.0 0.75-1.0 Spray before and after
Tillering (20-25 DAS), panicle initiation (45-55 DAS) and ripening (75-85 DAS)
Ornamentals – 1.5-2.0 0.75-1.0 Spray before and after
orchids, Chrysanthemum transplanting. Every 7 days.
Oil palm nursery 1.5-2.0 (Foliar) 0.75-1.0 (Foliar) Spray before and after
transplanting. Every 7 days.
4.0 (Drench) 2ml/ m2 (Drench) Soil drench after
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Amino Master 3999

  • Amino Master 3999 mengandungi 37% asid amino bebas. Terdapat banyak asid amino, tetapi hanya sekumpulan daripadanya yang diserap dan boleh digunakan oleh tumbuhan. Asid amino bebas adalah asid amino yang boleh digunakan oleh tumbuhan.


  • Asid amino bebas larut dalam air membantu penyerapan dan penukaran semula nutrien tumbuhan penting seperti NPK dan unsur surih. Ia juga akan meningkatkan aktiviti metabolik tanaman untuk menghasilkan lebih banyak hormon dan enzim yang mendorongkan nutrien yang diperlukan oleh tumbuhan. Asid amino bebas juga akan merangsang aktiviti mikroorganisma dalam tanah yang akhirnya mengurangkan penyakit kulat tanah.



  • Meningkatkan daya tahan tekanan tanaman
  • Menggalakan ketersediaan dan pengambilan nutrien
  • Meningkatkan aktiviti metabolik tamanan
  • Merangsang aktiviti mikro-organisma di dalam tanah


  • Pertumbuhan lebih cepat
  • Hasil yang lebih tinggi
  • Kualiti tanaman yang lebih baik

Amino Master 3999

  • Amino Master 3999包含37%的游离氨基酸。 氨基酸很多,但只有一部分可以被植物利用。 游离氨基酸是指那些可以被植物利用的氨基酸。适合用于叶面及根部。它的水溶性游离氨基酸有助于植物养分如NPK及微量元素的吸收及运输。它能够提高作物的新成代谢以制作更多促进开花的天然激素和酶。游离氨基酸也能够提高土壤微生物的活动,最终减少土壤真菌病。


  • 提高作物抗逆性
  • 促进养分的获取和吸收
  • 增加农作物的代谢活动
  • 刺激土壤中的微生物活动


  • 更快的生长
  • 更高的产量
  • 更好的作物质量