codamin radicular 244

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100% imported from Spain

2 ml mixed in 1 liter water for foliar application
4 ml mixed in 1 liter water for soil drenched application

Guaranteed analysis % w/w % w/v
Total nitrogen (N) 2.9 3.31
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble 9.8 11.20
Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble 3.5 4.00
Free amino acids 5.0 5.72


Codamin radicular 244 is a product formulated with enzymatic amino acids from plant origin, phosphorus and potassium. Codamin radicular 244 present a triple-action: radicular, nutritional and improve. Codamin radicular 244 stimulates root formation and contributes to the recovery of crops under adverse condition: transplant, drought, toxical effects of phytosanitary application etc.
The main development stages of application are:

  • Beginning of vegetative activity
  • During fruit development
  • Pre-flowering and fruit setting
  • After stress situations
Crops Doses by root  Observation
Ornamental 2-3 l/ha every 15 days Distribute from beginning of plantation
Fruit trees and citrus 20-40 l/ha Distribute from beginning of sprouting every 7-10 days
Horticultural (open field) 4-8 l/ha – application In the first crop stages
Horticultural (greenhouse) 5-10 l/ha – application Weekly application
Strawberry 0.5-1 litre every 10.000 plants From rooting every 7-10 days


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