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Seaweed extract has great importance due to its content with high levels of organic matters and micro elements (Fe, Cu, Zn, Co, Mo, Mn and Ni). It also rich in growth regulators such as auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins.

It was clear that seaweed extract could increase plant height and number of its branches in comparison with the control. This is attributed to the composition of the seaweed extract such as natural growth hormones that promote plant growth via increasing a number of metabolic events; cell division and enlargement which in turn leading to increase plant height. In addition, the extract contains a considerable amount of macro and micro elements which play an important role in the activation of many enzymes and coenzymes which are involved in several biological processes leading to cell division and enlargement.

On the other hand, amino acids is able to stimulate cell growth and acting as buffers maintaining favorable pH value within the plant cell as well as synthesizing other organic compounds. Amino acids in essential quantities is well known as a means have positive effects on plant growth, yield and quality of different crops.

Seaweed extract and amino acids form one of the best combination. With the combination effect of the two, it provides plants the ability to overcome environmental stresses like heat and drought. Not only that, they will assist in absorption and translocation of nutrients like NPK and trace elements. It also increases metabolic activities of crops to produce more hormones and enzymes that promote nutrients needed by plants. This free amino acids will also stimulate activities of micro-organisms in the soil which ultimately reduces soil fungus diseases.

Other than seaweed extract and amino acid in this product, there is also guaranteed composition of Nitrogen 5%, Phosphorus 5% and Potassium of 5% to help provide minimal but necessary macro elements to the plants.


  1. Increase crop stress resistance
  2. Promote nutrients availability and uptake
  3. Increase crop metabolic activities
  4. Stimulate micro-organisms activities in the soil
  5. Provide natural defends against fungal infections


  1. Faster growth
  2. Higher yield
  3. Better quality crops

Active Contents:

Nitrogen 5%
Phosphorus 5%
Potassium 5%
Fish protein 0.5%
Free amino acid 7.5%
Chitosan 0.3%
Seaweed 40%


Crops Rate: ml per L water Rate: L per Ha Spray Timings & Intervals
Leaft vegetables –
Cai xin, cabbage, Kangkong
2.0 1.0 Spray before and after transplanting. Every 7 days
Fruity vegetables –
Chilli, tomato, beans,
melons, cucumber
2.0 1.0 Spray before and after transplanting. Spray at flowering, fruit set and ripening. Every 7 days.
Fruit – 2.0 (Foliar) 1.0 (Foliar) Spray at flowering, fruit
set and ripening
Durian, mango, citurs,
5.0 (Drench) 2.5ml/ m (Drench) Soil drench at fertilizer
Rice 2.0 1.0 Spray before and after
Tillering (20-25 DAS), panicle initiation (45-55 DAS) and ripening (75-85 DAS)
Ornamentals –
Orchids, chrysanthemum
2.0 1.0 Spray before and after
transplanting. Every 7 days.
Oil palm nursery 2.0 (Foliar) 1.0 (Foliar) Spray before and after transplanting. Every 7 days
5.0 (Drench) 2.5ml/ m (Drench) Soil drench after transplanting


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