dalgin 291

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100% imported from Spain

2 ml mixed in 1 liter water for foliar application
4 ml mixed in 1 liter water for soil drenched application

Guaranteed analysis % w/w %w/v
Total nitrogen (N) 1.3 1.45
Free amino acids 6.0 6.72

Seaweed extract: 224 g/l

Dalgin 291 is a liquid product with amino acids and seaweed extract, made from ascophyllum nodosum. The particular com-position of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed is a natural reserve of micro and macro nutrients, amino acids and carbohydrates that increase crop yield, quality and vigor. Its content of amino acids contributes to the recovery of crops under stress conditions.

Dalgin 291 is a especially recommended for foliar applications, but can also be used in fertigation. It is recommended to distribute the sprays increasing the application frequency. In foliar application, use the higher doses as it increases the crop foliage


Application method and doses
Crops Doses by foliar Application time
Fruit trees and citrus 200-250 cc/hl – application In pre-flowering, petall fall and fruit growth.
Horticulturals 200-250 cc/hl – application Start from 4-6 leaves stage and continue with application every 2 weeks.
Cereals 1 l/ha – application Treatments jointly with phytosanitary
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