GE Microfos Super ‘K’

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Phosphorus (P205) 30%
P/P 42% PN
Potassium (K20) 20%
P/P 28% PN


Microfos Super ‘K’ is a latest and sophisticated product formulated by europe expert to suit all kinds of plants in all climates condition for today’s advanced agriculture needs. It contains water soluble phosphorus (P205) = 30%  P/P (42%PN), water soluble potassium (K20) = 20% P/P (28% PN) and plant stimulants. It is a product that can be applied during the whole crop cycle and in any climates condition or at any other time when required by agriculture condition after strong rain, excessive humidity, high demands of nutrients and etc, It can be applied either through spraying or drip irrigation. Microfos Super K is compatible with most of the fertilizers and agrochemical normally used, except with alkaline product, mineral oil, copper or organic copper product. Do not use until 15 days after the application of a cupric product. It is recommended to perform a test before mixing. The mixture must be emulsified.

Application Method Crops  Interval  Dosage
Foliar Spraying Fruit Tree
30-45 days
35-50 days
40-50 ml/ 18 ml
25-35 ml/ 18 ml
Drip Irrigation Fruit Tree
30-45 days
35-50 days
6-18 L/ HA
6 L/ HA
Paint  Fruit Tree on Affected Areas 7-10 days
(3-4 times per treatment)
500 ml/ L


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