GE Nutrigation Grow

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GE Nutrigation Grow is a liquid root fertilizers specially formulated by agronomy professors form Europe, Germany and Taiwan for plants growing in tropical climate. Other than complete macro and micro elements, it’s additional high content of premium grade organic matter such as seaweed extract, fish extract, humic acid, amino acid, etc., provide a balance nutrients needed by the crops for vegetative growth. The beauty of this product can totally 100% replace compound fertilizers to reduce high salt or sodium contents in the soil and plants. This is the cheapest product ever formulated for fertigation, nutrigation and land planting.

Recommendation Dosage
Mixed 280 ml with 20 liter water and apply or drip to roots as following table below
Crops Dosage After Mixed Interval
Leafy Vegetable 50 ml – 100 ml 3-5 days
Fruity Vegetable 100 ml – 120 ml 3-5 days
Fruit Trees (Young) 150 ml – 500 ml 7-14 days
Fruit Trees (Matured) 500 ml – 4 L 14-21 days
Flowers & Ornamental greens plant 50 ml – 100 ml 5-10 days
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