GE 9820 Amonisea Red

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GE 9820 Aminosea Red is a kind of biological organic fertilizer extracted from selected quality of brown seaweed which contains of more than 70 type of mineral, 17 type of Amino Acid, 4 type of plants hormones, chelating agents, growth stimulants, trace elements, EDTA and etcs. The beauty of its contains thicker and stronger cell wall in leaves and fruits, reduce damage from insect and reduce heavy salt on soil due to over use of chemical compound fertilizers and etcs.

Recommendation Dosage
Crops Dosage Interval
Leafy Vegetable 1.5 ml – 2.5 ml 7-10 days
Fruity Vegetable 1.5 ml – 2.5 ml 7.-14 days
Fruit Tree (Young) 1.5 ml – 2.5 ml 10-14 days
Fruit Tree (Matured) 1.5 ml – 3.0 ml 14-21 days
Flowers and Ornamental plants 1.0 ml – 2.0 ml 7-10 days
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