Phyzoctium F-10 [100 ml]


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Organic approach to control garden pest and disease

Phyzoctium F-10 (100 ml)
Biological control against soil-borne fungi and foliar fungi


Phyzoctium F-10 specially formulated with natural substances derived from several plants to strengthen root system against soil fungal pathogens. It also consists enzymes, i.e. cellulases, chitnases, proteases, etc. that break down cell walls of many pathogenic fungi. Application best for newly germinated seedlings and early phase of pant growth.

Bio Adjuvant                                      –              92%

Iron (Fe) 0.3% w/w                          –              0.33% w/v

Manganese (Mn) 0.85% w/w         –              0.93% w/v

Zinc (Zn) 0.85% w/w                       –              0.93% w/v

pH                                                        –              5

Target diseases:

Soil fungi: Foliar fungi:
1.       Phythoptora

2.       Fusarium wilt

3.       Pythium soft rot

4.       Rhizoctonia disease

5.       Sclerotinia

6.       Verticillium

1.       Alternaria

2.       Botrytis

3.       Downy mildew

4.       Powdery mildew

5.       Fungal rust

Recommended usage: 1.5-2 ml/ 1L water. Spray directly to germinated seedling and newly transplanted plants to prevent fungal infection. Frequent repeated spraying is recommended especially during warm humid weather.

Notice: Harmful if swallowed. Phyzoctium F-10 should not be mixed with products containing copper, strong acid or emulsifier to avoid denaturation of key ingredients. Keep in cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.




Example Downey Mildew:

Example Powdery Mildew

Example Fungal Rust:

Example Alternaria

Example Botrytis

Example Phythium soft rot

Example Fusarium

Example Phytophthora

Example Sclerotinia