Alterdew F-11 [100 ml]

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Organic approach to control garden pest and disease

Alterdew F-11 (100 ml)
Biological control against foliar fungal infection

Alterdew F-11 is fungal control product with several specially selected enzymes, i.e. cellulases, chitnases, proteases, etc. that break down cell walls of many pathogenic fungi. The enzymes have already biodegradability hence cause no harm to the environment. Plant extracts are added to facilitate plant-cell regeneration after demages caused by fungal infections.

Bio Adjuvant                                      –              92%

Boron (B) 0.2% w/w                        –              0.22% w/v

Molybdenum 0.1% w/w                  –              0.11% w/v

Zinc (Zn) 1.7% w/w                          –              1.87% w/v

pH                                                        –              4.5

Target fungal diseases:

  1. Botrytis
  2. Alternaria
  3. Fungal rust
  4. Phytophthora

Recommended usage: 2ml/ 1L water. Spray directly to upper and lower leaf surfaces of vegetables, climbers, succulents, cacti, herbaceous plants, foliage ornamental  plants and fruit trees as fungal infection preventive measure, especially during warm humid weather; or plants with light or moderate infection.

Notice: Harmful if swallowed. Alterdew F-11 should not be mixed with products containing copper, strong acid or emulsifier to avoid denaturation of key ingredients. Keep in cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

First application should be when blooming, as there is high susceptibility to fungical pathogen infections.

Second application should be done if the conditions of temperature and humidity are appropriate for fungical pathogens to develop.

Third application should be done before harvest.



Example Botrytis

Example Alternaria

Example Fungal rust

Example Phytophthora