GE Special Green [2 kg]


RM 15.00 for 2 kg
RM 82.00 for 25 kg (walk in customers only)

N-13, P-8, K-8 + 2Mgo + 2Ha + 3 CaO + 2 SiO + TE

GE Special Green is a complete and balanced organic compound fertilizer for leafy vegetable, fruity vegetable, fruit trees, golf course, nursery household plants, etc grown under tropical climates soil conditions. With its special binder material and formula, its control release and continuous nutrients supply to the plants and reduce nutrients loss through leaching, surface run-off, etc. Due to the controlled release of nutrients, GE Special Green unlike other conventional organic and compound fertilizers alleviate the problem of root damage through salt concentration. It is formulated by Japanese and Taiwanese expert to suit for today advanced agricultural world.


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Weight 2.00 kg