GE Palmmino “K”

RM 128.00 for 50 kg (walk in customers only)

For this product, we do not sell online. Please visit us at our retail in Puchong, or our dealer list (click here) if you do not reside in Klang Valley.

GE Palmmino “K” is specially formulated premium fertilizer with 3 in one Solution for oil Palm. It contents high potassium, high amino, humic acid and boron to increase nutrients uptake in a balanced proportion ensures N,P,K and micronutrients to palm. It provides fast action and last longer duration in the oil. Acid amino promotes microbial activity in the soil and humic acid helping plant grow stronger roots system, yield bigger fruits and healthier more resistant to diseases  and climates change. Boron is a micronutrient necessary for plant growth to develop cell strength and fruit setting.


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Weight 50.00 kg