347 F1 Hybrid Watermelon Yellow Round Small

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1 g ≈ 25 seeds

For shipping calculation purpose, as we have many different weights of family pack (Seeds) due to many different varieties, upon checkout, the weight of each family pack is calculated as 10 g.

-Maturity 80 DAS
-round size
-early variety
-stripe rind type
-easy fruit setting
-fruit seeds are small
(1 g = 25 Seeds)



347 F1 Tembikai Kuning Bulat Kecil


-Kutip hasil 80 DAS
-Buah bentuk bulat
-Varieti awal
-Kulit buah berjalur
-Tetapan buah yang mudah
-Dalam buah biji yang kecil
(1 g = 25 benih)

– 代交配小黄圆西瓜种籽 347
– 播种至采收80天
– 果实形状:圆形
– 果皮颜色:带有条纹
– 早生品种
– 容易坐果
– 籽小
(1 克 = 25籽)