341 F1 Hybrid Malaysia Red Delight Watermelon


RM 4.00 for 10 seeds family pack

For shipping calculation purpose, as we have many different weights of family pack (Seeds) due to many different varieties, upon checkout, the weight of each family pack is calculated as 10 g.

  • Harvest 70-75 days after sowing.
  • Fruit round shape.
  • Skin green colour with dark green stripes.
  • Flesh dark rose red.
  • Brix 11-13%.
  • Weight 6-8 kg.
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341 F1 Hibrid Tembikai Merah Malaysia (Bulat)


  • Kutip hasil 70-75 hari lepas semai.
  • Buah bentuk bulat.
  • Kulit warna hijau dengan jalur hijau tua.
  • Isi warna merah ros tua.
  • Brix 11-13%.
  • Berat 6-8 kg.

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