GE 328 Fruits King

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CaO: 20%  N: 12%
MgO: 3% K: 0.5%
B203: 3% Ha: 3%
Fe: 0.13% EDTA


GE 328 Fruit King is a soluble fertilizer which contains of high tech formula with macro & Micro nutrients important for agriculture activities in the tropical climate country. Farmers applied GE 328 Fruits King resulting crop yield increase abundantly with promising quality are ideal for export market, this is thanks to our professional researcher and agronomist on collaboration to formulate this marvelous fertilizer.

 Crop Dosage/ 20 liter water
Flowers: Rose, Orchids, Chrysanthemum etc. 10-15 gm. 7-14 days interval.
Leafy Vegetable: Mustard, Chinese Kale, Spinach, Cabbage etc. 15-20 gm. 7-14 days interval.
Fruity Vegetable: Chili, Beans, Gourds, Cucumber etc. 20-25 gm. 7-14 days interval.
Fruits Tree: Durian, Mango, Papaya, Dragon fruit etc. 30-40 gm. 14-21 days interval.
Paddy and Oil palm 20-25 gm. 14-21 days interval.
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