138 F1 Hybrid Mini King Cucumber


RM 4.00 for 25 seeds family pack

For shipping calculation purpose, as we have many different weights of family pack (Seeds) due to many different varieties, upon checkout, the weight of each family pack is calculated as 10 g.

  • Fruit cylindrical shape, light green colour with green stripes.
  • 11-13 cm (P) x 4 cm (L), weight 120-150 gm.
  • Harvest around 35 days after sowing.
  • Direct sowing 1 kg/Ha.

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138 F1 Hibrid Timun Mini King


  • Buah bentuk silinder, warna hijau muda dengan jalur hijau.
  • 11-13 cm (P) x 4 cm (L), berat 120-150 gm.
  • Kutip hasil kira-kira 35 hari lepas semai.
  • Semai terus 1 kg/Ha.

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