Sin Seng Huat (SSH) have been focusing on the seeds breeding, selection of latest tolerancy seed variety, upgrading/ stocking semi-compound fertilizer and manufacturing, selection of nutrients to cater to global warming climate, and upgrading growers’ planting and planting material.

Best Seeds Variety

We meticulously choose the latest tolerant seed varieties, ensuring resilience in changing climates. Our dedication extends to upgrading and stocking semi-compound fertilizers, manufactured with precision to optimize plant nutrition.

Sustainable Plant Nutrients

With a keen eye on the impact of global warming, we select nutrients tailored to mitigate climate challenges, ensuring robust growth and yield. Empowering growers, we provide cutting-edge planting materials and techniques, elevating agricultural practices for a brighter, sustainable future.

Premium Sweet Corn Seeds

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Chili Plantation

It is thought to be related to early Typica based on its shape, and similar to Ethiopian Longberry due to its taste profile – tea-like, lemon candy and a silky body

About US

Since inception in 1936, we are pioneer and we have been focusing in the manufacturing, distribution and export of high quality vegetable seeds with high tolerance against hot climate, Climate Cross Hybrid (CCH) and Plant Nutrients Support (PNS), organic, semi-organic fertilizers, bio pesticides, plant nutrients and selected planting materials to fully support crops and plants from sowing to harvest in Malaysia, China and S.E.A market.

Sin Seng Huat Seeds is also providing field advisory services to over 300 key growers of major economics crops and 150 resellers of various sizes in Malaysia and S.E.A. countries.

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Our products ranging from fruits and vegetable seeds, organic fertilizers, semi organic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and rodenticides for agriculture uses.

Breeding New Breeds for Global Warming Climates Variety

Formulate Best Nutrients for All Crops and Plants

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