Please be noted that

1. We are not selling online for seeds and fertilizers product with total weight above 5 kg. Buyer can place a separate order if they wish to purchase beyond 5 kg.

2. Shipping rates exclude 35% handling charges, security fuel surcharge and 6% SST.

RM 5.50 – 1 kg and below

RM 6.80 – 2 kg and below

RM 8.10 – 3 kg and below

RM 9.40 – 4 kg and below

RM 10.70 – 5 kg and below

3. All shipping rate quoted are subject to additional 35% handling charges, security fuel surcharge and 6% SST.

4. The final shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of your total order.

5. STRICTLY NO REFUND for shipping & handling charges.

6. Estimated shipping time typically in one to five business days. We are not held responsible if we have passed item to our shipping partner for shipment that lasts more than 5 business days.

7. Please be noted that holiday, saturday and sunday are not defined as business day.

8. We ship all orders using our standard packaging materials. We do not provide any special packaging.

9. We are only able to ship to one address per order. If you would like to ship to multiple addresses, please place each order separately for each unique address.