Company Profile

Sin Seng Huat is one of the pioneer crop production companies in Malaysia. Mr. Soh Boon Swang founded the company in 1936 in Kuala Lumpur, then Malaya. In 1993, the company was converted into a Private Limited Company, known as Sin Seng Huat Seeds Sdn Bhd in accordance to Company Act 1965.

Key Business Activities

Since the inception of Sin Seng Huat Seeds Sdn Bhd. We have been focusing in the manufacturing and distribution of vegetable seeds of high value crops, agrochemicals, organic fertilizers and agriculture implements to vegetable farms, fruit orchards, plantations, industrial uses and home gardening in Malaysia and regional clients. Sin Seng Huat is providing field advisory services to over 300 key growers of major economics crops and 150 resellers of various sizes in Malaysia.


Sales Performance

Sin Seng Huat Seeds Sdn Bhd has a wide range of products ranging from vegetable seeds, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides and organic fertilizers for agriculture uses. The agriculture business sector is expected to grow annually.


Sole Distributor and Distributorship

We are currently the major sole distributor of selected high purity and quality of Agrochemical to penetrate local and oversea market in this advance Agriculture world. We are also major distributor of multinationals companies to our extensive channel network. Our R & D established since 1995 which provide us new technology from sowing to harvest with collect agriculture practice.